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    Sport Leagues in London

    A comprehensive package for teams who’d rather shirk the responsibility of organising their own leagues. Leagues last for 10 weeks and include weekly result and tables service, match balls, bibs and FA referees. Teams can expect to play 2-3 matches per night.

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    Sport Centre

    5-a-side football pitches for all ages. Goals also arranges leagues and tournaments. Also women-only and corporate leagues at various venues,


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    Weekend Outdoor Events

    Established in 1950, this north London league is currently looking for teams to join. It is probably one of the most respected leagues in the London area.

Podium Sports London - Sport clubs in London area

london sport eventsLondon offers a versatile and rich mix of sports venues and the list will get even more extensive as the city prepares to host the Olympics. The London 2012 Olympic Games will feature 26 sports, which break down into 39 disciplines. The London Premiership clubs are known throughout sport funding the world as are the London athletic tracks.

What makes London sporting clubs different?

As an experience management consultant as well as a sport psychologist, they can help to improve performance of the individual performer, the team, or the organisation.

Individual Performance Coaching

Anyone with the physical sports insurance talent can be brilliant on their day, but only a few are brilliant when they choose to be. That’s about having the mental skills to match your mind set with the demands of the situation.

What can affect your performance?

Many things have an impact, such as focus, emotions such as anxiety and anger, and confidence. These can be altered by changes in your environment, thoughts, or motivation. They can help you to gain greater control over these things.

Team Performance

If you want to create a high performing team, you need to create a team climate for the team to perform based on clear shared goals, roles and mutual trust.

Global hockey aims to cover the entire sport of Hockey (Roller Hockey) around the world.

Hockey is a variation of Ice hockey played on a rink/sports hall on skates. There are various associations around the World that play to different rules, the main differences being non-contact or contact and puck or ball.

They can help your team to work together more effectively by developing shared team goals, clearer roles and team spirit.

Organisational Performance Development

Systematically creating high performance isn’t just about having the structures and experts in place. The culture and climate in which an athlete performs is affected by management, coaches, parents and even the media. In other words, you need to develop the organisation that can develop the athlete. Their experience in consulting with World Class organisations means that they can help you uncover and manage the leadership and management issues that affect performance at a systemic level.

Sporting events taking place in the city this weekend
As teams and athletes around the city swing into action for the new year, STV Local takes a look at the sporting events happening in the city this weekend.

London sporting events are leading international sports management and marketing companies. They have an experienced and skilled team handling athlete representation, sponsorship, rights and event management.

London sporting venues

Podium Sports London websites

Badminton in London

Weekly badminton sessions on Thursday evenings from 8pm to 10pm followed by a social in a local pub. Open to players at all levels. Options to participate in European & UK tournaments. New members welcome.

Where to go for sports in London? Read more.

Cycling in the capital

We ride our bikes for recreation and fun. We have a programme of rides in London, in the countryside around London and beyond. We aim to vary the types and lengths of rides to involve all levels of cycling ability and interest. As a sports club we believe that it is the company with whom you ride with as much as the route that makes a good cycle ride. Podium Members of the club receive a bi-monthly newsletter of the rides.


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History of Podium Sports London

We are pleased to announce the opening of the club's internet shop in conjunction with sport events who are an online retailer specialising in rackets, clothing and accessories for squash, tennis, badminton and racketball.

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This is a joint venture between the club and sport events with a view to offering members a much wider range of goods together with a fast, efficient service at highly competitive prices.

Get in touch!

The shop at the club will as usual be stocked with day to day requirements (balls,grips etc) together with a large range of demonstration rackets and branded club shirts.

E-mail: contact@podiumskillslondon.co.uk